Baby Gwyneth’s Birth Gifts

Mami Gwyneth order sebelum lahiran, so pas lahiran sudah bisa dibagikan kepada kerabat yang datang menjenguk. Good idea ^_^

50 sets
1pc soft toy
1pc 2R wooden frame with announcement card
1pc personalized towel
1pc personalized chocololly
1pc bucket
packed with tulle bag

soft toys

wooden frame with announcement card

personalized towel

personalized chocolollies


Welcome to the world, baby Gwyneth…
God bless you….

Baby Winston’s Fullmonth Set

30 sets
1pc personalized soft toy
2pcs chocolate bar with personalized wrapper
1 glass jar of cookies
1 glass jar of marshmallows
1pc 18cmx18cmx8cm hard box
1pc announcement card
packed with tulle bag

announcement card

chocolate bars with personalized wrapper

personalized soft toy

cookies and marshmallows


Happy one month old, baby Winston, my first baby boy customer ^_^
God bless you…..