Aubrey’s Fullmonth Set

40 sets untuk baby Aubrey di Jakarta.

40 sets
1 personalized wooden tissue box with rattan basket
1 tube of cookies
1 personalized kitkat 4F
1 pack of marshmallows
1 announcement card
packed with tulle bag and extra ribbon

 2013-01-Aubrey01 2013-01-Aubrey02 2013-01-Aubrey03 2013-01-Aubrey042013-01-Aubrey05

Happy one month old, baby Aubrey…
God bless you….

Jason’s Fullmonth Set

100 set untuk baby Jason di Jakarta.

100 sets
1 personalized mug
1 jar of homemade cookies
2 red eggs
1 personalized hardbox

   2013-01-Jason042013-01-Jason032013-01-Jason052013-01-Jason062013-01-Jason072013-01-Jason012013-01-Jason02Happy fullmonth, baby Jason..
God bless you…

Mason’s Fullmonth Set

Mommy Mason pesan 2 jenis pake untuk baby Mason di Bandung.

Paket 1 – 25 sets
1 personalized mug
1 personalized towel
1 jar of homemade cookies
1 personalized luggage box

2013-01-Mason01  2013-01-Mason022013-01-Mason032013-01-Mason042013-01-Mason052013-01-Mason06 Paket 2 –  60 pcs personalized mug with carton box

Happy fullmonth, baby Mason.
God bless you….

Baby Michelina’s Fullmonth Sets

2 paket untuk baby Michelina di Jakarta

Paket 1 – 70 sets
1 personalized towel 70cm x 140cm
1 personalized towel 40cm x 80cm
1 personalized hard box

2012-12-Michel03 2012-12-Michel01 2012-12-Michel02

Paket 2 – 60 pcs personalized towel 35cm x 70cm in tulle bag
(lupa difoto huhuhu)

Happy one month old, baby Michelina…
God bless you….